5th Wheel Graphite “LUBE LINER”

Our 5th wheel “LUBE LINER” is manufactured from graphite which has a number of advantages over using conventional lubrication:

The life span of the “LUBE LINER”, , is approximately 18 months, depending on the amount of usage and maintenance frequency.

The graphite element in the high-density polyethylene disc accounts for improved performance and reduced operating costs as a result of eliminating the need for 5TH wheel plate grease. The “LUBE LINER”, attached to your trailers king pin, provides constant lubrication for easier handling, cleaner operation, safety trailing and a more reliable performance during operation. The danger of a dry 5th wheel plate is eliminated ending the need to clean plate grease from your tractor or trailer.  

Warranty – Due to the success of the product we offer a 12 month warranty against damage caused to the fifth wheel while using our product. If it can be proved that damage caused to the fifth wheel was a direct cause due to the use of our product we will gladly assist our customers with replacement parts.